About Atlantis Heights

Atlantis Heights is a product of Atlantis Luxury Limited, a real estate development company committed to providing the ideal urban aesthetic of a 21st century luxury high-life.
Atlantis Heights is located in a tranquil corner piece of the Downtown District of Eko Atlantic City. It is a home to look forward to after a busy day. Just a block away from the Marina Boulevard, you can be guaranteed of the rest you desire. Atlantis Heights is a 75-apartment twin tower of 25-storey. The tower will stand majestically into the skyline of Eko Atlantic City. The tower comprises 2 distinct blocks namely;
-The Super Deluxe Simplex and
-The Super Deluxe Split Apartments.
The Super Deluxe 25-storey Simplex tower has a single royal apartment per floor. The total size of the apartment is 560 square metres.

Each apartment has a functional terrace that consists a size-able family swimming pool and garden. Each four bedroom luxury simplex is designed to meet multi-needs that home owners or residents crave for. The Super-Deluxe 25-storey Split Apartment tower has two separate apartments per floor. The total size of each apartment is 344 square meters. Although, there is no pool section on the terrace, but it boasts of an ample open and recessed functional terrace for relaxation. The tower swimming pool area is located on the roof of the block with open leisure area. Each four bedroom luxury split apartment is detailed to meet the needs of owners and residents. Other facilities include spa, sauna, 2 squash courts, fitness center, concierge services, chauffeur-driven automobile service, private valet parking, landscaped gardens, lifts etc. In addition, there is also a retail center at the ground floor of the tower that will house top retail global brands.


Boardroom, Kitchen Services, Swimming Pool, Change Gym to Gym, Spa, Sauna, 2 Squash Courts, Fitness Center, Concierge Services, Chauffeur-Driven Automobile Service, Private Valet Parking, Landscaped Gardens, Lifts

Spa & Sauna
Squash Courts & Fitness Center

Concierge Services & Chauffeur-Driven Automobile Service

Private Valet Parking & Landscaped Gardens,

Retail Center & Board room